What would be happened with the PLI Policy when PLI Policy Holder left the Government Service?

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If an insured person resigns or retires or is dismissed from the service of Government, his policy holds good so long as the premium due are regularly paid by him on the first day of the month or within the period of grace at any Post office or make online payment of premium on the authorized website of Department of Posts. As soon as the connection of the insured person ceases with the Government, he should apply to the Postmaster/ Manager of Central Processing Centre (GPO/Head Post Office)for a Premium Receipt Book informing him of the name of the Post Office at which the 1st premium, while in Government service, was deducted and the Post office at which he desires to pay future premium in cash. If the Premium Receipt Book is not received by the time the next premium after his quitting government service falls due, he should pay the amount by the due date in cash at any Post office producing a certificate from his last Disbursing Officer in the form appended at the end of this rule. In such a case, the concerned Postmaster would grant a receipt for the amount in from ACG-67. Subsequent premium will be paid in cash on production of the receipt for the previous month’s premium, till the Premium Receipt Book is received by him. Thereafter, the due premium shall be paid on production of the Premium Receipt Book and receipt for the amount will then be given only in the Premium Receipt Book.

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For More Look Rule 49 at the below :-

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