Sify eHealth Portal access procedure – Get Sify Bandwidth & Utilization report

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Reporting Portal
Access Procedure Document for Circles


Please ensure you are accessing the web interface in one of the following web browsers.
o Internet Explorer 7 or higher
o Mozilla Firefox
o Java Latest version client (JRE)
This does not work on the Internet. Sify VPN connectivity is required for accessing the website.

Accessing the reports interface

• Enter the URL on the browser. Ensure the browser pre-requisites as mentioned earlier in the document are met
• The CA Ehealth performance manager interface will open
• Click on continue
A pop up will open requesting for user credentials
• Fill in the user / password details
User ID: dopcircle_tn
Password: ********<Contact UR Branch>



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Note :

  • You can also additionally search based on Phase, Category of location,Circle, division or region
For example :
 *_E_* will give all Category E locations
 *_P1_* will give all Phase 1 locations
 *_ARAK_* will give all locations for that particular division /region and so on
• Select the Tabs/Options as shown in the above screenshot
• Follow the below screenshot for remaining options


  • Select the above mentioned options to display the graphs in separate window.
  • Following reports for Primary and Secondary links will get open in new window.
You can export the graphs/reports in PDF & Excel formats. Please click on the PDF or ASCII icons to export the report.


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