What are the required time period for Premature Closure of Post office Accounts

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Premature encashment conditions for Small Savings Schemes as below.
POSA    Can be closed at any time
RD Can be closed after 3 years, only SB rate of interest is permissible.
TD Can be closed after 6 months*
MIS Can be closed after 1 year*.
PPF After 5 years only in case of Severe Illness, Higher Education and NRI status.
​SSA ​On the occasion of marriage of girl child after age 18.​
SCSS    Can be closed at any time*.
NSC (VIII Issue) ​Premature encashment is not permitted (except in case of death and forfeiture).​
KVP After 2 years 6 months
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​* Preclosure fee at prescribed rates are applicable

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